Nike Plus SportBand Utility


The essential application for synchronizing your SportBand


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If you run or jog and have decided to use one of the bands that Nike and Apple have developed to track your progress and upload it to the web, this application is useful for synchronize the data from your device to your PC, thus allowing you to upload it to the web.

The Nike SportBand is a device developed by Nike and Apple to spice up your workouts. At first, Nike only used the iPod as a means of synchronization. They have now also launched this SportBand to carry out the same functions without the need to take your iPod while you run.

So if you want to start enjoying the benefits of your new SportBand, download and install this application before you go running, set the SportBand, go for a run and afterwards, connect via USB to synchronize your SportBand workouts with the NikeRunning site.

You will find a guide for the Nike SportBand here where you can find information explaining how to use SportBand and the program.
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